...TwIsTeD ThOuGhTs...
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2001-12-17 06:26:41 (UTC)

The beginning of a new journal.... (why me..?)

Well... why me world..? Why.. of all people.. did you have
to choose ME!?!

I feel like crying, but I cant.. Have you ever experienced
that feeling? Have you ever experienced love? I thought I
had.. but now I'm not sure..
Its not all about love though..

Im so.. so F***** up.. My body is so ugly..

..As i stood there.. naked, staring at that ugly.. ugly
thing in the mirrow.. i cried. Those two.. ugly bumps that
are supposed to be my "breasts".. that horrid freckle
enriched skin.. I stopped.. right then and thought.. WHY

Im so ugly...

So I sat on my bed.. knife in one hand.. clenching the
other.. i relaxed.. slowly.. slowly now.. i'll just make a
small cut i said.. so I did.. it felt so good..

why me.. ?