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2001-12-17 05:48:27 (UTC)


16th December 2001,
lets see, in primary sch, i used to think, that journals
were all crap, like today is saturday, the weather is
sunny, my name is.....but now, i think journals are not
only that, jopurnals aare used to express ur feelings
towards the outer world, to throw all your frustrations
on....take, anne franks journal, she tells her life story
in a journal, now it is published, now the whole world
knows what suffering she endured during her time....im not
saying if you write a journal, it will be published in the
next century or somethin...a diary is a friend...ehUff of
this crap liaw lar...

loL...this is not the end of my day yet...actually it is
only like 1.30 in the afternoon...but i m feeling so damn
bored right now, everyday its like computer, tv, computer,
sleep, computer bookS...loL...its taking over my
liFe..now...lets see....im snaking on a mars bars n a huge
packet of sour cream n onion LAYs...i guess by the time sch
starts i will transfigure into a huge elephant...*oh no*

anyway....my day was pretty, boring...woke up at 10
ocloCk...in a very bad mood, read the daily news, watched
summore happenings in afghanistan...loL...wonder what would
happen, then... haha lilian i juz
read thiz. hmmm... better hurry i wanna play playstation.
YAO EN... yeeSh...wadever...okay this is the ned of my
afternoon journal...byEbyE~

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