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2001-12-17 05:35:15 (UTC)

Last days of the semester

About a month ago I met this guy Trey. He is a friend of
Craig, whom lives in my complex and is friendly with Cody.
Anywho...after meeting him once, I started seeing him all
the time. When I went to eat at the commons or at Hawk's
Nest, he always seemed to be there. I thought nothing of
it. Then one night, Psychedelic Breakfast was playing at
the Hawk's Nest. While listening and watching, and sort of
dancing, I was tapped on the shoulder. It was Trey. I said
hello and he stood with me and we hung out a little. Julia
wasn't too into this band, so she was chillin' in the back
in one of the booths with Dave. Trey stayed with me, so I
wouldn't be standing all alone. We took a few minutes break
from listening and sat back by the booths near Julia. Of
course Dave was being a jerk to me, so I wasn't feeling to
happy anymore. I talked to Trey about it, and his
logic...well it made sense. He told me not to care what
Dave thought of me, because clearly he didn't know me very
well. The two of us were being a little flirty after that.
Pushing and poking, and then he did something I will never
forget...he gave me a hug. It wasn't a normal hug. It was
one of those from the side, nice tight hugs that you give
someone you care about - the cute dorky ones. The show was
over and Julia was very much ready to leave. So I grabbed
my jacket and said goodbye. He asked where I lived and I
told him my complex. He asked for my extention, and with a
slight bit of haste I gave it to him. I was afraid of
jumping into anything. After all, I didn't know him at all
and he was friends with all the pot head drinkers I knew.
Yet, he didn't write it down so I wasn't sure if he would
remember it or even bother calling.
This is where it all began...
Two weeks ago, on a thursday night, I saw him hanging
outside my complex. He was with his friends that I knew,
but wasn't in my direct line of vision so I kept walking.
He came down to the Hawk's Nest and sat with julia and I.
He sat and listened to the music. Talked to me and stuff.
Told me where he lives and his extension. Also said I
should stop by. He and Craig left to go back to the complex
and hang. Julia and I went over to Robert's to say hi, but
he wasn't there and the boys were just playing video games,
so we left after a few minutes. We wondered over toward F
complex, where Trey lives. He was outside playing guitar
with craig on the bongos and some other kid on some other
weird percussion instrument. We sat with them and listened
and talked. It was cool. Then Julia left after a little
while to go visit Chris and some cute boy.I stayed and hung
out with them. Trey isn't exactly prince charming, but that
isn't what I was looking for. Around 1am I finally left. It
was a fun little night.
So it has been about a month since this little incident. I
see him about twice a week, if that much. But when we
always have a nice short little talk. I doubt he knows or
even notices that I have this little thing for him. He
probably just thinks I'm weird, but I can't help but wonder
who he is. Maybe one day I will find out...

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