Motivation Proclamation
2001-12-17 05:17:09 (UTC)

Finals Week-Aaaah!

Well it is the night before my first two finals. I have my
genetics final at 11:30 and my environmental law final at
6:00. I am soooooo stressed out now I just want it to be
Wednesday. On Wednesday I have my Biochemistry final at
8:30 in the morning and then I am done for the
semester...Hello winter break! And also on Wednesday I am
see Lord of the Rings at 6:30, I already have tickets,
because I absolutly adore Elijah Wood, have forever. He's
so cute, you just have to love him. And then on Thursday
nite, I am going to see Good Charlotte with my best
friend. The concert is at the EFactory in Philly. It is
going to be sooo much fun. I can't wait!! Ahhhhhhhh!
They kick ass!! Well back to the studying I go. Talk soon
when I have more to say.