UCLA Bear Chasing
2001-12-17 05:10:53 (UTC)

Catching up with me...

Sunday, December 16 2001. 8:55PM

Playlist: Sarah Vaughan - Misty
Charly Garcia - No Voy En Tren
Gema y Pavel - Lo Feo
Destiny's Child - No, no, no Part II (w/rap)

Back home in MV! YAY! WHA-WHAT!

The funeral went much better than anticipated. Although it
was a huge rush to get down to OC to go, I made it early
enough to catch the last third or so of the ceremony. I
went to the reception to save Matt from playing host to all
of the family members who didn't have that much concern for
him before his mother died, all of whom invited him to stay
with them and to ask if he needed any help.

He's taking his mother's death surprisingly well, but he's
so worn out from it that he has no idea about tomorrow; he
says he's gonna go on a long vacation, and I don't blame
him that.

I saw everyone at the funeral: Courtney, Matt, Josh, Joel,
Ben, Norel, Don...sad that something so awful had to happen
to bring us together, but it did, and we had a good time,
surprisingly. Even if Matt's niece was a noisy violent brat.

I've been shopping, jacking off and being my perverted
self, with all those implications. I plan to see all my
friends while I'm here, maybe hook it up with Jack (drool)
while I'm here. I guess I'll see...I'm almost done
shopping! anyway, i'll catch ya latez!

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