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2001-12-17 05:08:48 (UTC)

12-16-01 10:57 PM

Last nght my parents nd i were goign to go out for dinner
and they didnt like what i was wearing so they are like "
you are wearing that" and then i threw a big fit and
decide i wasnt going. they left and i stayed home then i
decided that i wanst goign to eat and have them put me in
an anorexic clinic for $28000 a month. i mena, it would
only hurt them, wouldnt it? and then they came home and
they brought alll tehis greasy nasty food and they tried to
lie force me to eat it and i absoultly refused and then
they called me anorexic cuz i didnt wanna eat it. i mena,
maybe i am anorexic, who cares. its not their life. its
mine. i wish THEY would stay outta MY LIFE! and today i
sleept in till 3 (ahhh it was so nice, i cant wait till x-
mas break so i can sleep in every day, well if i last that
long in the hell i call life)then i took a shower and went
shoppign with my sister. i went x-mas shopping and bought
every one in my family food. then they are all going to
get fat and ill be the skinnest, perfectest, best person in
the family. taht owuld be cool. and then after shoping my
sister and i went out for dinner. i totally pigged out. i
felt so bad. then i came home and went on the safty pin
ride. i know i promsed my self id stop cuttng buy i had
to. i was so bad. i prolly gained 10 lbs. i duno why i
cut my self. i guess its my punishment for my self. every 1
needs a little discipline every once in a while. i remeber
in like grade school i used put rubber bands around my
wrists just so whne i did sumthing stupid i could snap my
self. i would pull it back as far as i could and then just
let go. the pain and marks on my wrists reminded me not to
do i agin and what would happen if i did do it a gain.
pretty soon i had like huige welts on my wrists untill
people figured out what i was doing. i also would bite my
lip. it was a little more private. but sumtimes my lip
would just bleed really bad. so bad i had a mouth full of
blood and i had no choice but to swallow it.
ANYWAYS thats my life. lol...thats pretty long

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