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2001-12-17 05:04:49 (UTC)

What a night...

Well, tonight was actually a really good night. I went to
the Christmas party, and I had a blast. I did my hair, and
I think I looked really good. And it was just nice being in
that kind of an environment, with the people that I enjoy
to be around.
I spent a little bit of time with Mark's kids tonight, and
they are absolutely incredible. They're such beautiful
kids. Alex kind of told me that he would like me to be his
babysitter. That is, after I asked him if he'd like me to
babysit him. I told him to tell his daddy that he wanted me
as his sitter, and he gave me this weird look, so I don't
think he's gonna tell him! But man, they are so adorable. I
wanted to spend all my time with them, but I don't want
Mark to think I'm nuts or something. Wait, maybe he already
does! Oh well.
Well, I'm gonna go for now. I'm talking to Mark and Amanda
about doing something tonight. Girls night out! Just
kidding. Well, c-ya.