this unsane world
2001-04-06 02:55:29 (UTC)

i havent written in a long time..

i havent written in a long time and im sorry to those who
read my diary. shit has been so messed up. i hate my
boyfriend and i am absolutly in love with his best friend.
i want d so bad. we had our first kiss the other night. we
built this massive bonfire and we were on the other side of
the house and he kissed me. then we kissed again right
before we left. he has the sweetest lips and his touch
gives me chills of excitement. i cant wait to be with him
he just makes so happy and all i can do is smile when he is
around. it sucks that we can only spend a few days
togethjer at a time but it is worth it. i cant get over
him. i want him to bad and i will have him. all for myself.