Sax Queen
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2001-12-17 04:53:07 (UTC)

ME! SaxQueens Profile


Class of: 2002

Birthplace/Date: Wilmington, CA/4-13-84

Favorite food/Drink: Fries and Coke.

Favorite restaurant(s):Olive Garden, Acapulco, Mario's, IHOP

Favorite Band(s): Most Jazz Bands, Jaguares, Weezer,
Beatles, Sublime, Linkin Park, Metallica, System of a Down,
OV7, 311, etc.

Favorite Song(s): My Funny Valentine, Across the Universe...
many more...

Favorite Female Celeb(s):Reese Witherspoon

Favorite Male Celeb(s):Bird, Coleman Hawkins, Robert
Deniro, The Three Stooges (Larry, *Moe, Curly), Anthony

One Thing I can't Stand is :Life

Is in Love With: Oscar, *sigh* :-( Hopefully, soon to
be Louie. Although, I still lust over LIrit

"In 10 yrs I'll be... a Professional Jazz Musician/writer/
poet. Or maybe I'll be a music
teacher. Only time can tell...(or
maybe even dead of a panic attack)

Describe Perfect Mate: A Man of mystery, of extreme
intelligence, of a deep soul, and a
good heart. A man whom I will love
deeply and will love me forever.

Sign(astrological): Aries

Favorite Movies: Silence of the Lambs; Hannibal; Mulan;
farewell, my concubine; The talented
Mr.Ripley, many more.

Any other comments?
I seek a Soulmate.
*Adam Corolla is HOT!


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