Sax Queen
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2001-12-17 04:14:15 (UTC)

another day

Today, I went to TofR practice. It was extremely tiresome
but seeing Louie there made it worth all of the muscle
aches and extreme pangs of boredom. I got my section shirt
today. It was really cool. Yet again, my dad had to ruin my
good mood. There I was, all starry-eyed, telling my parents
how much I liked my shirt when my dad interrupted me and
said"You are so Fat! You look like my cousin Edwards
daughter now!". Edwards daughter is as big as a blimp, btw.
I got so angry but I did not show it(Or at least I hope I
didn't) I don't want my dad to think that his words have
any affect on me, when in fact they burn me deeply, moreso
than what anyone else could say. He is my dad, afterall!
Isn't your dad suppost to think you are the most beautiful
creature that exists, even if you happen to look like a
toad? I don't believe I look that bad, but still, my dad
shouldn't take every opportunity available to humiliate me!
ok, I got that off my chest. Back to more pleasant news.
Louie looks so hot in his Drum Major Uniform! It is all
white and has a big rose in the back. He is so beautiful,

well, I'm going to stop babbling now and hopefully I will
be able to write soon, No promises!