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2001-12-17 04:10:58 (UTC)

Kuala Lumpur Trip (14 - 16 December 2001)

13th December, Thursday.....

I was extremely stress today as I realised that my Ex CT
stuff was stuck and I am really in deep shit if I am not
able to submit the VISA for application and the allowance.
Finally the allowance was sent but realised 10 of the names
missing....siong man...dunno how to answer liaoz

Today, my niece celebrated her 2nd B'day...hahaha so cute,
how I wish I have a kid too, life will be so much better. I
went to buy train ticket for KL trip tomorrow, luckily
managed to get...I am looking towards the trip cos I will
be going to KL with her alone to meet the rest. I dunno if
she will enjoy the trip but I definitely will...short one
but better than never got a chance with her alone...hahaha

14th December, Friday.....

Another hectic day at work but I hack cos will be going up
to KL with her...hahaha

Finally end of the day, we arranged to meet at Clementi
Taxi stand, I was smiling in my heart to be with her
ALONE...hahaha, time passed so fast and next moment I know
we inside the train.

I watch her close her eye and sleep and I try to take care
of her...well I dun wanna sleep cos I wanna take care of
her and ensure her safety, I have a stupid thinking when I
close my eye, she will be gone so I worry about her
safety....stupid right I guess

During the journey, her head on my shoulder (I know she is
unintentional but I was very very happy...hahaaaa)...she
looks so cute...

We reached KL, the journey was a long and tiring one, I
know she is not enjoying but I am of cos...hahaaa....

Best of the trip was, we share one room (2 separate beds of
cos...) we din really talk much but I am very satisfies
liaoz...hahaa, time flies fast and we are on our way home
on 16 December...

This KL trip is a short one but I believe I enjoyed it very
much, yes I do.

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