The Nine Faces of Dave
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2001-12-17 03:45:14 (UTC)

just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

Those of you who have seen "The Big Lebowski" will know what
I'm talking about. I just finished watching that about ten
minutes ago, and it was great! Now I finally understand
what that guy in 1st-year chemistry was talking about when
he called me Lebowski.

I think I've made progress towards achieving my goals.
Still no luck with getting ahold of my planned subject for
my English paper, but other things are working out all
right. The weekend's almost over, so I at least get to go
back to school and see people again. Plus, I think I'll be
able to get some sort of resolution with the various issues
I've been dealing with. Next weekend and most of winter
break may end up being a giant waste of time, but it should
be time wasted in the company of friends (or possibly more,
who knows).

I finally finished writing my last college essay. This
one's on my history with gaming. Duke, U of Rochester, and
Case Western are getting this one. Then, except for
financial aid dealings (which my father will most likely
handle), I will be officially done with my college stuff,
and I'll get to sit around on my arse until April. Yeah!

Of course, I still have to slap together all the stuff for
Duke and Case, and figure out what to do about sending my
SAT score reports. But all that will be through by the
evening of the 28th.

The school's canned food drive is entering its last week,
and I've collected a grand total of very few cans. It looks
like I'll be getting on board the cash donation express,
unless I can collect 100 during the big rush on the final
night. My class is the worst bunch of senior slackers ever
to get caught up in this thing. It would be downright
hilarious to become the first class to not break the
previous year's record. Of course, everybody would probably
be angry with us then, but hell with 'em, we're leaving in
less than a year.

Pardon my regression back to Big Lebowski territory, but
"Just Dropped In" is a kick-ass song. Who knew Kenny Rogers
could have been so cool early on?

"The Big Lebowski" is probably going to prove to be the best
movie to happen to me in a long time. Not only do I have
something new to talk about with my counterculture friends,
but I've got something that'll be a definite addition to my
movie library once I get an extra $20.

The only way to improve upon the Lebowski experience would
be to watch it with a beautiful girl. Hey, a guy can dream,
can't he?