With Accountability and Reason
2001-12-17 03:27:08 (UTC)


Everyone has goals and challenges that are put in front of
them. Most try to accomplish them, whether to the best of
their ability, half-assed, or way beyond what anyone had
orginally thought possible. Let's say that the people who
go above and beyond are pushing the challenge to meet those
that they put forth for themselves. This would seem to be
a reasonable assumption to make. So what about the people
who go looking for challenges, who are driven by them, when
everything in their life has to be a challenge in order to
keep them interested? Why is that? And how is it possible
that some people who go out searching for them also have an
uncanny ability to attract them as well? Just how much can
some people accept and accomplish and still keep their

I'm just wondering. Free thinking if you will. Not that I
am questioning my own sanity, because I would have to admit
that I may be far to in touch with it. Which is one of the
reasons I think I am posing these questions.

I am the person who goes above and beyond. When I work
towards a goal I have set for myself, I attain it. I don't
believe that can be a cocky statement if it is, in fact,
the truth. I spend my time accomplishing things people ask
or expect me to do, while also setting goals and making
challenges for myself. So why is it that I need this
constant activity? Sometimes it is sad to me. The reason
is because I do it in my love life. The problem with that
is that I am always looking for something new, someone new,
when I REALLY wnat to be accomplishing something new and
beautiful with the same person. Is it just that I have not
found that person? Or that I am afraid that maybe I have
found him 20 times over and just rationalized that I would
become bored or disinterested at some point so it is not
worth the time to spend to figure it all out?

Interesting personality quirk eh?