A Closed Mind is An Open Book
2001-12-17 03:21:58 (UTC)

Hell On Earth

I'm officially on the edge of breaking down. I can't take
my mom treating me like this. For just once, I wish she
wouldn't act like I'm the root of all evil. If I piss her
off so much I wish she would just tell me. I'm so tired of
acting like I care about her around her. Because I dont.
There is no way I can care about her. She hates me. And
nothing I do is going to change that so I don't know why I
even try. I guess I'm wasting her time. And it's pulling me
apart inside. I can't live like this. I haven't lost my
temper in a while, not with her. I've tried to be "nice"
and "respectful" even when she isn't. And so far all I've
tried to be hasn't done a thing at all. Nothing I do is
ever good enough. Nothing I say is ever good enough. She
can go rot in whatever hell she believes in for all I care.
Because I don't care. Not about her. I refuse to care about
her. It's her own grave she's digging. For once things are
going to be her fault and she is going to be the one that
isn't forgiven.