~~~*After Thoughts*~~~
2001-04-06 02:25:54 (UTC)

OMG i cant belive ducky did this

OMG, i cant belive she did this to me!! i cant
belive shes going out with kyle and didnt even ask if i
cared, i mean she knew i liked him. but o well shit happens!
im cant be mad at her cause i know if it was me in her
place i prolly would have done the same thing! anywayz im
happy for ducky i mean it isnt everyday you get to go out
with a hott guy like kyle. but besides that, im going with
mason and nikki to south street, the only thing is its in
philadephia and i dont know if my mom will let me!! also,
claires sick, i think jess is mad at me, i think lindz
hates me, and me and kasey skipped class today and got
caught! well, not exactly caught but this teacher took down
ours names and is gonna take them to the lunch teacher that
we were supposted to have, but really he wont know the hell
we r cause were not even in that lunch peroid. o well
doesnt matter if we get suspented well get to sleep in and
not them but ill also get grounded. whatever that
groundation thing only lasts 4 about a day or so. well, i
gtg. ttyl. luv yas. bye