A Day in the Life of a LI Hardcore Kid
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2001-12-17 03:15:49 (UTC)

This is it

Well this is my first entry in this journal. I'll start by
putting down a little about myself. My name is Josh (JD for
short), I'm a 15 year old kid living on Long Island. I'm
in love with music and I love hardcore. Some bands I'm
into are Shai Hulud, Minor Threat, Zao, Poison The Well,
Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Floorpunch, Youth Of Today,
Bane, Ten Yard Fight, Thursday, Indecision, Dillinger
Escape Plan, etc. I've recently become straight edge, and
let me tell you, it has been one of the greatest decisions
I have ever made. I've officially been edge for 3 months
and I'm doing great. Life is good, well that's me in a
nutshell, I look foward to writing many entries in the
future, I'll be back