abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-12-17 03:08:58 (UTC)

i fell like i m trapped... not..

i fell like i'm trapped... not exactly trapped- more like..
well, i dont know

i always look at everyone esle and wonder how the world got
to be like this... this isn't what its all about- everyone
strivign fro success, the world is based aroudn money,
almost everyone is livign alone

it never used to be this way

i wnat to scream but how would that help anything?....i
fell like such an old soul

i think ed might be one too

i cant wait until i grow up..... either that or its that i
cant wait until i die

but i'm definatly looking foward to soemthing

i bet its settlign down... i want to be settled

and you cnat settle until you grow up, you also dotn wnat
to die until you've accomplished being comfortable