Forgotten Misery
2001-12-17 02:32:44 (UTC)

the andrea when she gets truley pissed otherwise i would never say half this shit in here

Damnit it all to hell I feel like crying right now bj is
bothering me again and still wont leave me alone even
though im moving and like hell geoff loved me fuck off
asshole yeah i saw in journal cassie more then a friend to
me o fucking yeah who the hell was right me so fuck u geoff
im glad to know ur heart never was mine and like fuck u
didnt use me u were just staying with me till i moved and
till a certain someone would return the same feelings u had
for them back to u what the holy hell I gave my all to u my
heart and what did u do other than to tear it out of me a
tear it to shreds and u know what i bet u will have your
lil friends read this shit theres another thing its between
me and u not your friends and not mine!!!!!!!! anyways go
to hell u fucking liar!!!!!!!!!!!!