Life according to Luvie..
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2001-12-17 02:23:24 (UTC)

Bumming around is soooo much FUn...

Dear Diary,
Well ok a lot has happened. Let me talk about the good
things. Because that will keep me happy.

Yesterday I went to the movies with Ron, Nick, and Charlie.
Charlie invited me to go out with them. It was cool. He
said Ron had invited me. I think she likes me. Well no she
told me she likes me. I guess you're wondering if I am a
lesbian. I ain't. I don't think I'm bisexual. Just bi-
curious. Like I want a relationship with a chic sometimes.
But not right now. If I ever had to date any chic, I'd
choose from Princess, Jan, or Ron. But...I'll get to why I
prolly won't be with Jan later.

Charlie was super sweet. I love being with him. I mean we
were sooo cute. We saw Ocean's Eleven. It was an awesome
movie. Like during the movie, we would hold hands. It was
just SWEEEEET! I really care about him. I love him. After
the movie, we were in the car and he lied on top of me. He
closed his eyes and I held my breath. He looked so
handsome. I was in awe. I mean he was like a porcelain doll
in that manly way. So I stroked his face and he just
brushed up against me. I really do care for him. Someday...

Then that night we talked from ten thirty to two thirty! It
was so cool. In a way. We talked about a lot of things. We
prolly won't go out because no. Maybe someday we might. He
likes me enough. He said I am the sweeter version of one of
his exes. Normally that would piss off any chic. But not
me. I was overjoyed coz he loved that girl. Then all of a
sudden he said he loved my stomach. I know you think there
is nothing strange about that but there is! He never says
the 'L' word!! Then he said I love you and I freaked. I
told him not to say it again. We hung up. And I was

Today, I saw the movie Out Cold. It was good. But right
before I got into the movie, we stopped at Hot Topic. I was
showing Marie some beautiful pants I loved. Then I heard
someone yell out 'Luvie'. And I turned and there was Jan. I
smiled and stuff. She said, you don't say hi now? And I was
like, I didn't see you sorrry. And I smiled. Then she went
all out bitching me out for telling Ramon about her and
Eduard. I was like I don't know what you are talking about
and I walked off with Marie. I wanted to cry. Coz I love
Jan. I don't want her hurt either. What I told Ramon didn't
affect her and Ramon. He still loves her. She is ruining it
for herself. Eduard fessed up and Jan didn't. So she's
screwed. I don't know.

My life is over. Oh well. It was great. Then I read
Princess's diary and she's talking about being with Jan and
how Jan is sooo cool. I got mad. I will call her soon. I
love Charlie. I know that much!
Love always,