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2001-12-17 02:17:02 (UTC)

Another day....

Ughhhhhhhh.....I have been sitting around all day. Its not
fun!!!! I am telling you. I am so bored!!! YES I have been
studying contrary to popular belief. It's just so gosh darn
boring. Who ever invented exams sucks!! Who needs them??
Just trust us to learn. :)
So I like this boy...It scares me...Its a guy I've known for
a while. I've liked him for like 2 years...and he's always
been with someone. But the flirting is always there. And he
was showing interest in me..calling me beautiful and saying
that he feels better now that he's talking to me, etc. He
gives me butterflies in my stomach....but he says he doesn't
want a relationship right now. And i asked even if it was
right. and he said maybe....MAYBE! What does maybe mean? He
knows how I feel...and I know that distance is a big issue
with him...he lives about 40 minutes away. But I think we
could make it work. Hopefully we'll go out over break and
see what happens...I just don't want to mess up our
frienship..but I think we are at the point of no return
right now. Because he knows how i feel... HOPEFULLY this
will work. Cross your fingers...

Back to the studying...gggrrrrr..This blows.

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