Pure Belligerence
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2001-04-06 02:18:15 (UTC)

*Amy the helper.... ask me for help and i will screw up your life more.... Garenteed*

one more time.... Hey. Hmmm, this is my deal. I feel
the need to.... help people. Where it comes from I dont
know. With all my friends, im always the one people talk
to about stuff and i have to get in the middle of it and do
what i think i right. Im very very good at manipulating people, i do
it all the time, but for good not to be mean. Like i get people to
tell me stuff they wouldnt at first. For the helping thing....I
mean, i really have to, i dont
know how not to. Even online when people tell me about
their problems i feel the need to talk to them about it and
do a total psychoanalysis. Dont get me wrong, i dont mind
at all, i like to. Maybe its because i cant deal with my
own problems and need control in my life which i get from
making others decisions for them? I really dunno. Is it
any surprise i wanna be a psychologist? Well, my first
choise is a vet and then a psychologist.... but lately iv
been wanting to be a nurse. Maybe this is because im
getting scared of rejection from college? UGH. But geeze,
im only a sophomore in high school.... i dont want to be
thinkin about these things yet! Ok, now on to the good
stuff. Today was a great day for me. It was warm and
sunny out and the last of the snow melted. Im pretty sure
i have that seasonal depression thing.... Lately i havent
been wanting to get out of bed.... i thought it was b/c i
was tired.... but i woke this morning and i was so happy
when the sun was shining through my window.... and blah
blah blah no wonder whytne told me i made her sick with my
being a happy person. And moving on.... yes well today was
good and i had forensics and we had a guest lecturer, ya know, the
handwritting dude. Well, we were all asking kevin about the
handwritting samples he got from us.... and why he didnt tell us what
they were for. He was like.... oh no.... we cant do that.... and you
could so tell he was lying, hes a really bad lier for being a
forensic scientist. We all knew what he used the samples for and we
told him an he said to me yeah, you cant do that.... No Kevin, you
cant do that, but ya
did. And kathryns mom is a teacher at the school and called my lee
about the whole handwritting thing and mr lee told them that the
handwritting was for them to check. Mr. Lee told kathryn not to tell
anyone though.... yeah that worked well. See, this is why i dont
people. And anyways.... They
finished at about 6:10 so me and alicia had 50 minutes to
do nothing. I was just hoping that weird janitor didnt
want to be all dominating again. eww yo. But we walked around the
school a few times which is i dunno, maybe a mile all together? The
lax boys had their first homegame and they were playing faith.... but
then when it got to the FUUUUUUUCKKKK part they apparently didnt see
coming.... they turned it off. aww.... i like that song! If youre
wondering what the good part was there really was none, besides the
fact that i was happy today for the first time in a long while.
hmmm.... if you wanna harrass me for being such a loser go aim sn in kissnifptsv. Just tell me you read this thing
so i can be prepared to defend myself. And there we go.

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