mark my words
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2001-12-17 01:15:39 (UTC)

quiet weekend

not much happened this weekend. last night at brother's
bar mitzvah dance party, smoked mucho weed with lindsay,
kc, christina. had intense hyper high in which four of us
belted out "gone" into microphone to dismay of romantic
seventh graders. ate mucho chicken fingers, to dismay of
caterers. performed mucho crazy dancing with equally crazy
friends. lindsay called mucho seventh graders whores and
almost started shit. brother's ex girlfriend informed me
they "went to second...over the shirt". had nervous
breakdown upon hearing this unbrotherly news. had a ton of
fun, wish bar mitzvahs with friends were more often.
today, smoked mucho weed with mark. i'm still slightly
stoned but it's progressing into being burnt where i just
want to fall into bed and not get out.
want to buy ounce of pot so me and lindsay can bake pot
cookies and sell them for $5 each and get quite fucked up
off of one cookie. got recipe on internet, sounds
delicious. an easy, intense high at no risk to lungs.
going to go do some homework.