Forgotten Misery
2001-12-17 01:14:27 (UTC)

like the title says I have..

like the title says I have nothing to really say! I think
im having another party on thursday my mom told me to keep
that day open i love my real true friends that plan that
stuff and actually show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That
wasnt a mean reference to any certain person lol like hell
it wasnt no i had to leave to go see his ass just to find
out what i didnt want to believe that he didnt care for me
just thought he did!!! Geoff you didnt love me damnit to u
2! U thought u loved me geoff i know love and u didnt
love me damnit!


Ps: if this pissed u off or hurt then good!!!!!!! Feel some of the
pain I do!!! and did u hurt me more than u will ever know!

PPs: What made me come to this conclusion is were was the sorrys
when u hurt me huh not a knock on my door not a single rose not even
a simple ass phone call to let me know how u felt so there damnit