Joshin Jane

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2001-12-17 01:11:53 (UTC)

bye bye g-land

i had so much fun this weekend in guilderland, from playing
pool at miles' to singing beatles songs in the car to
being \"sneaky\" (gotcha, natalia!) to getting in gummy
fights to enjoying trig....well, maybe not so much that
last one.
i don't want to forget a single minute, so a brief
runthrough of the weekend's events will have to suffice for

12:14p got on train to ny
1:45p got on train to albany
4:15p ALBANY!!! - meeting becky and casey at the train
station, hanging out at becky's (5 lbs of gummibears
much?), trying to conspire with casey about becky's present
at the mall, golf shirt
8p*ish watched friends with fudgey - pantsing incident,
armpits, mackmackmackmack, beddybye

6:05a silly alarm clock
7:05a left to pick up christina
7:08a (good how i observed that exact time, right?) talked
about being intimidated by christina's mother
7:20a SCHOOL!!! getting confused by multiple principles and
such, delightfully accosted by john and paul
7:30a gym - sm sighting, climbing, dr. ruth, mr.
9:05a locker, then english - first natalia encounter of the
weekend, getting bagles, receiving that special membership
card i'd been waiting so excitedly for, making faces at leah
10:45a locker and orchestra - the other casey,
11:35a lunch - kate, strapplesauce, smelling natalia's leg,
sexy chris and airplane anshuman
12:05p choir - music lounge, pure, mixy mix, mrs. t
1p*ish math - unit circles, counting minutes to freedom
2:45p becky's - home with fudgey, watching ER, reading
pure, walks in the rain and such
7p dinner with the jewish folks - brownies, colleges, sex
in the garden
9p*ish miles' with casey - steve is a spazz, justin with no
hair, being ehhhish at pool, collapsing chairs, mario,
gavin has a dreb-like mouth, the haunted garage, playing uno
11:30p the 'tree' on top of the fire station, driving one-

11a alarm, good call
1:30p mall with natalia and casey - mr. anderson, the hat
guy at ae, the poster conspiracy, model poses, 'hitting
on' brendan, giving casey a bath, multi-level racing, the
superfluous cookie, bfing, hero, playing 'who's line' with
eric's personal-touch poster
4p becky's - gummibear fights, one-hour photo, wrapping and
giving of presents - natalia, i've lied to you like 6 times
today - "so you guys know you're reading porn together, right?"
7p back to the mall - horse condoms, meet ben, brian, and
jake at movies, run into kenny, john, and nick, fudgey's
condoms and brendan's chapstick, DDR, ocean's 11, bathroom
trip slammage, 'hey is this the girl that....', mistletoe, running
into becky becky, brocolli pizza, ornament earrings
11:15p beatles sing, \"STEVE, STEVESTER, STEVARINO\"

10:08a alarm, up at 9
10:30a life/challah/brownie breakfast
11a homework, packing, diary, police officers...
2p train to ny - harry potter, naptime
5:03p train to p-ton
6:15p home for good, missing my g-land kiddies