edy's life
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2001-12-17 00:47:08 (UTC)

i thought

i thoguth today was the greatest but now i sit and htink
was it all to much?was it to intence? did we kiss one to
many kisses was thee some one else on your mind when we
kissed where you looking for them and not at me did you
feel to unsafe did you want to wait so many questions that
i ask my self but i cant answer i guess im just lost at sea
with nothing at all to drink or see so i remember not what
you looked liek but the things you said all the lies and
words i was fed forgte it i gues this was just one more
chance but it wasnt ment to be what was ment was for you
him n hi to walk bye holding hands laughing then remeebring
how you wish you started earlyer and hw it was a waste of
time and sleep so i walk around alreday buried 10 feet deep
but i guess it was greta for while it lasted even nkwo it
was fake liek t.v or books but i guess the great endings
were just for the books

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