So this is Life?
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2001-12-17 00:32:45 (UTC)

Another Sunday

Well, today is Sunday, the big family day. However, my
sister was treating me like poop! She does this every so
often, but hey, what can you do?

Lately my mind has been thinking about future. There are
sooo many possibilities and I don't know which to chose! It
sounds so dumb...but hey, what can you do.

Yesterday I had a talk with my friend Ian. I like him cuz
he's original. Paints his nails, wears what he wants, says
and does what he wants. I like him most of all because he
doesn't care what other people think. That's a personality
trait I would kill to have. I mean, I don't care to an
extent, know. This type of crap comes with being
a girl I guess.

Anyway, he confuses me sooo bad sometimes. At first I wasn't
sure whether he was a crush or a curiousity. Now I know he's
a crush, but it's on and off. I am like head over heals with
Kreg of course, but I don't know whether he likes me back.
What to do, what to do. Ian says he likes me, but he's got
this big thing against cheerleaders. I don't get it. Psycho.

And cheerleading is another thing. I've become a thing I
once hated It's really fun. It's my first year so
I'm on JV, but I love it. I made a lot of new pals, but
there are still a couple stupid people who tell me how I
must really suck to be on JV. Then I hit them in the
faces....or at least that's what I feel like doing .
Naw, there are only a few people who try to be mean to me,
and well, I just don't care.

I read something that I thought was interesting on here the
other day. Some guy said he was unique and then in
parenthesis said (unique like everyone else, right??) I
think that it's kind of funny. This one guy at my school
who's kind of weird says everyone is mainstream and the
same. I always try and argue about it by saying everyone is
unique, and I just know he'd die to read what I read ;) But,
I dunno'. I meant it when I said he's weird. His mind
revolves around sex, and he is really really...odd. Not that
this isn't typical of a guy I guess, but he speaks his mind
and well, it's not a comfy position to be put in when it's
all sexual. Whatever, I'll deal.

As always, feel free to comment ;)

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