De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-12-17 00:23:25 (UTC)

Alone (sort-of)

Saturday-Sunday 15-16/12/01

These 2 days, mostly spent with Seyan and Kelvin, Hi to u
guys and Yoke Leng as well! , if you're readin this!! : )

did an assortment of things, we hadda a great dinner at Regal, had
SzeChuan Fish and Pork Tripe soup, yummy!!!! the fish was so fresh
it's almost raw! hahah..and the soup, haven't tasted that for at
least a year i think... really made me think of reunion dinners...

on my way down to town to meet em, smelt some incense burning,
instantly jolted me to think of home..hehheh.. there's a certain
magic in singapore, a humbling yet very cosmo city, if u know what i
mean...appreciate it more... only grudge is that i hope the govt
releases its reins on our artistics and creative's
bloody stifling ....

back to the dinner! great meal, i never ate so much here b4... both
of em popped by my place after that to rest...heheh...then at
midnite, we went down to the Embassy Theatre to see the WETA guys put
up the giant troll in front of the cinema..part of the LOTR
extravaganza of course, it was huge...we took pics...hope they turned
out well...

then at around 1am, we hit the clubs, went club-hopping, stayed
longer at The Grand, then the music got crap, we went around, more
crap music b4 we landed up in Coyote, where we danced till 4am, good
music, it was dawning at 430am, where we walked home slowly
then...great nite!

Sunday was their flight, i followed em to the Airport to send them
off...quite sad to see all the familiar faces was a fantastic
semester with them around...

at home, Mami was shifitn too, to her new place near Dixon, another
person gone, and Nai will be shiftin next week to , to a
few houses down the street... freaky coincidence, Nai found the flat
just above luke's!! hahaha...fuckin great...

slept the rest of the day away then.. luke called in the evening, he
just got back from his trip too`..he popped over and we watched Who
Am I, jackie chan's ...funny show... jackie should be a ballet dancer
if he's not acting ..heheh graceful...we did some LAN gamin
later...Colin Mcrae's Racing (i think) was really good..check it
out... bascially we hooked up the RogerWilco software over the direct
LAN connecteion and communicate via headphones/mic in 2
rooms...pretty silly i know...but fun though : P

christmas's comin soon, i'll be over in picton at luke's folks
place... good 1st christmas away from's
spendin it in we'll all have a good time!