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2001-04-06 01:53:31 (UTC)

I must be the epitome of the..

I must be the epitome of the words "angry teenager". My
life is really very good at the moment, however, I am livid
with Mr. William H. who thinks that he can rip dear A.J.'s
heart to bits as he has. Can you beleive Will left A.J. as
soon as he found out that his roommate was gay? What an
idiot! Oh well, as A.J. told me today, there are plenty
more fish in the sea. I died my hair candy red last night.
I hope Daniel likes it. Tomorrow is our 3 years
anniversery. I can't wait until after Freshman Formal! As
soon as all of the formalities are finished, I am so going
"Billy Idol Blonde". I know my mom will hate it, but that
is the point, is it not? I am starting my weight loss
program Monday. I plan to lose 10 lbs by May. Then I'll
be a dainty 170! HAHA! Well, gotta go call Daniel and see
if he bought the DeLorean today. It would be so rad to go
to Freshman Formal and Prom in a DMC12.