ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-17 00:08:59 (UTC)

My TriPpY weeKenD...

Yo, waht up.... i had the most fucked-
up/weirdest/coolest/funnest weekend ever. On Friday i went
over to Paulina's house and got totally wasted and high
with her, Stix, Brittany, Amber, and Paulina's sister. I
don't even really remember what happened, just that we were
all sitting in a circle in the middle of Paulina's room
(luckily her mom wasnt home) and we were just chillen,
passin weed, drinking, smoking ciggy's, and listening to
Linkin Park and Deftones. We had so much shit!! We had a 6-
pack of Corona's (plus the 4 that Britt brought), a 6-pack
of Smirnoff Ice, 6-pack of Fuzzy Navel, 6-pack of
Strawberry Daqurie, (plus the 5 Watermelon/Pina Coloda's i
brought), a brand new pack of ciggy's (which we basically
smoke in like 2 hours) and about a 40 of mota. I was the
first one to get all messed up(they told me) and i was
cussing everyone out and going totally fucking crazy. I
even got in a fight with Paulina! we were totally wasted
and we started going at eachother (i have NO idea why) and
Britt, Stix, and Amber had to pull us apart. I think i
passed out once or twice and i blacked out at like 10:30
and i couldnt get up. In the morning we counted all our
bottles(were such dorks) and there were over 30 fucking
bottles of alchohol and stuff that we drank!(me and Paulina
were the only ones who drank the Corona's) We all got up so
flippen early cuz we were so cold (Paulina's house is
freezing) so we went to Taco Bell at like 8:00 in the
morning for breakfast. When we got back, Paulina's mom had
found all our bottles and cigarettes! SHe actually went
through her stuff while we were gone, but thnk gd she didnt
find the weed cuz it was in my bag. So now were not
allowed over her house n e more, so that sux.

After we got back to Paulina's house and found out her
mom knew, we left to Britt's house. We kicked it over there
for awhile then i went home, then i went to Rafaela's house
and Kat and Whitney were over there so we made a video with
Rafa's recorder. Its for Britt since she is leaving for
California in a week!!!(sad) and so we were acting like
total dumbasses. Sunday was when Whitney's b-day was, so i
just stayed at Rafa's house on Saturday(thank gd Whit and
Kat didn't stay over too)and we watched a movie about gay
kids (it was soooo stupid it was funny) and then we got
woken up at like 9:30 cuz Whit called and told us we had to
be at Metro at 11:00 for her b-day! i was so fucking tired
i couldnt even move. but somehow i managed and me and Rafa
went and met Whit, Kat, and Amber there. I was SO Pissed!!
cuz Eric didnt go !! i wanted to see him so bad, but oh
well. me and Rafa were so tired so we weren't in the mood
to deal with everyone else's crazyness. Amber jacked me a
really cool Jack Skellington snow globe thingy from the
movie The Nighmare Before Christmas (my Fav movie!!!) and i
bought a cool silver necklace with a black and silver star
on it.

Basically, the worst part about this trip was that
Rafa's mom was sposed to pick us up cuz we didnt have a
ride but she couldnt get a hold of her. so she called Ralph
but he just said " get a ride with Whitney!" and he hung
up. so i called my house but no one answered, so we didnt
have a ride! Then Whit's mom came and was like "well lets
go" and She like wouldnt give me and Rafa a ride even
though we could have all sqeezed into her car (it was just
the 5 of us and its not like we couldnt have all fit, were
not fucking fat-assess!) so they just left us and Whit
said "call us when u get home!" ......... Ok, Whit, FUCK-
YOU......... how the hell could we call her if we didnt
have a ride home???..... Luckily i got a hold of my mom, so
we werent really screwed after all. but me and Rafa were so
pissed at WHit and her mom(still am) so ya, that was my
weekend. Yes, fun, i know...... well had to get that off my
mind. later.