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2001-12-17 00:00:58 (UTC)

[ tongue ]

Not too long ago some kids about 7-11 years old sang
Christmas carols in front of my door. How sweet is that?
That totally made my day. I didn't think Generation O was
into that. All my little cousins about that age are into
Spongebob and Pokemon, but it was really cool. Just thought
I'd share. I was eating a piece of old fashion candy and it
cut my tongue. Yuck. I'm doing laundry right now and I was
watching the ever popular "Scrooged". I love that movie. If
you haven't seen it, I think you should. I had this weird
dream that I played drums for a band and were on MTV's
Making the Video. Then out of nowhere, my grandpa pulls up
in a brokedown station wagon with some nasty trailor park
trash chick. I started yellin'.."JERRY! JERRY!" I swear, I
have some fucked up dreams. I had this one period of dreams
where they would continue where they left off the night
before. I dreamt about Jurassic Park for a week straight
and this wasn't that long ago. I wasn't even thinking about
that movie at all and I just started dreamin' about T-Rex
chasing me through a jungle. What the hell is wrong with
me? So I was saying earlier how I wasn't affected by
talking to Michelle last night. Well, I think what happened
was pure shock and then it finally settled in as reality. I
don't know if I mentioned it, but she had the audacity to
tell me about her drunk escapades from Friday night. She
let one of her friend's take a shot from her bellybutton,
she kept getting peck kissed on the lips by some other
friend, and she really doesn't remember much. She said she
wasn't herself and it bothered her. What am I s'pose to say
to this? I told her I was worried about her and all she
said was, "why? I don't do it every night. hold on a sec."
and she signed off. Then at 3:00 am my time she signed back
on for 5 minutes and signed off. I swear, I don't know that
girl anymore. ::Shrugs:: I feel sorry for her more than
anything. I wish I could do something for her, but I really
can't. I just offered that I'd be around if she needed to
talk. That's pretty much all I can do. Wow, she was just on
for a second. Gone. LOL! My sister just said another funny
thing. I mentioned to her that we should volunteer
somewhere and she said she'd volunteer anywhere except to
give old people baths. What a dork. I think my sister may
be coming over later. We're gonna call around and see who
needs volunteers. Give us something to do with our sorry
ass lives! Well, hers isn't.. she's still in Jr. High and
stuff. I need a shower. Blah. I'm talking to Michelle's
cousin about dating a guy. I know this guy I'm kinda
interested in. His name is Daniel. We'll see what happens.
I better get going. I really don't know what else to type
about. I'll probably not type in here as frequently because
I'll be busy keeping myself busy this week. So, tonight
I'll make a long entry.