The Basement
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2001-12-16 23:42:52 (UTC)


I finally got a chance to log on.
Last few days I've been busy wit sketch class, christmas
shopping(friends r threatening to kick mah ass if I dun get
dem something),and having ta go wit mah mom and sis to
music classes.
pphhhhttttt... very borrrinnngggg....I miss Jay...*sigh*
Friday was Jay's cuz b-day.
I think I'll send a b-day card although it will be a few
days late...
I just finished wrapping christmas presents. I already sent
Jay's present on Friday. I'm broke... spent about 18$ only
on Jays present even though its pretty small... and den I
have about 35 friends ta sent gifts to. Mah poor wallet....
yay...wat I hate christmas in skool...
its so...ugh..deres always dis corny assembly about an hour
long wit da band and choir screeching out holiday songs,
den deres da part with teachers walking around giving hugs
to preps...and den holiday sports day in p.e... with
everyone talking about sports. Den deres da mistle toes
hanging around every corner.... ewwwww..
had a really really scarey dream last nyte dat made me want to run
all da way to texas in mah pajamas just ta hug J and neva let her go.
dat dream wasn't scarey lyke all da darkness blood, gore, death ect
most nightmares dat scare people but not me.
Dis nightmare was about mah worst nightmare. alone. ::shudders:: I'm
scared... dats mah worst fear. being alone. I've always been alone
and I dun wanna be alone when I die. It scares me really much. I
dreamt dat I was in highskoo or college, one of dem. I finally saved
enough money ta go down to Texas and see J. When I got dere it turned
out J gave up waiting for me. She said she waited too long and
couldn't wait any longer. Den everything disappeared. She walked away
and I couldn't reach her no matter how hard I ran. It was really
scarey.... I'm scared now... gonna go...baibaiz

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