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2001-12-16 23:25:26 (UTC)

A Christmas Story

Ok weirdest day ever.Marisa slept over last night and I had
a dream as we slept in the it I forget what
happened exactly but my Nana died all over again and I was
crying. She actually died two years ago. So anyways, I
hungout with Jared today at the mall, after we went out to
get an Xmas tree. I brought my 12 year old sister with
me...Taryn. So he looked good. It was kinda akward at
moment though and I secretly was happy Taryn had to come,
cuz she eased the tension. Anyways, it was going ok, and
then we went into the pet store to look at the cute puppies
and we saw Joe Neglia, so i was like....weird. and then we
left and walked past Friendlys and Joe Mauer
goes, "Shanen!". And i see him with a few other guys, and
hes supposed to be doing a show today, and then another guy
w/ him goes HEY SHANEN! and im like huh?? i didnt recognize
this guy. i walk over closer and look right at him and dont
realize it is ricky until joe says his name. I like almost
fell over cuz he was really cute.....hotter than i
remembered, he looks really different, and just being next
to him made my heart beat fast and i dont kno...jared was
with me and i dont know what to think! i think i might like
ricky again! but i cant!!!!! cuz then joe will be emo and
cry and hate ricky and kick him out of his
band....arggg....what am i to do??

Music: This Gift~98º