Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-16 21:16:23 (UTC)

Oh my heart!

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! tired! and sick! blah! omg I went to
church today and was talking to Pat (beautiful eyes hun!)
and he was holding his lil brother and his brother grabbed
pat's nose and was like 'got you noes patty' and pat was
like 'you do huh ?' and then he grabbed his brothers nose
and was like ' i got yours ' and pats brother pretended to
eat pats nose! lol and pat ate his brothers and then pats
lil brother goes ' patty i can't smell' and so pat stuck
out his toung and his brother pretended to grab his nose
off pats toung and put it back on and pat did the same and
then we were laughing at his lil brother while we were
talking and stuff ! his brother is like 3 andoh my heart
is so cute! haha and then they had to go and pat was like '
joshy give Marissa a hug' and his lil brother gave me a hug
and pat was holding him and then Pat goes ' and a kiss' and
pat brushed the hair out of my eyes and his brother gave me
a kiss on the cheek ! lol ! it was so cute! his lil brother
is adorable!! :)!haha! omg and I talked to Matt (senior I
sing with) and He waslike asking me about why I was so
upset last night and I told him a summery and then he
pulled me down onto the chair next to him when we were in
the senior high room upstairs (alone) and he waslike 'tell
me everything' so I put my head on his shoulder and told
him everything (trying not to cry ) and then he was
like ' oh baby I am sorry ! ' and he gave me this hug and
rubbed my back and everything ! he was such a sweetheart !
gotta love him ! hehe ! well I gotta blaze! Got a paper to
write! hit me back !