It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-16 21:05:41 (UTC)

word up g-funk

nothin really happened. i got up at 8 yesterday to go to
wrestling, and got my ass kicked. nothin but drills for
like...5 hours and i hurt my lower back. then i went to the
89x concert. it was badass. blink kinda sucked, but 311
tore it up. we were really late, but we walked in just in
time for jimmy eat world. i went with than, dave, laura,
nikki and laura's friend erik. he was pretty cool, not like
most of her friends that ive meet. my whole back is sore
now though. but i meet up with my friends some high school,
gil, veronica and jess. we didn't get to talk for very
long, cause the security guards kept pushing us to leave,
faggots. that was my saturday. unfortunately, once again, i
saw a lot of PDA's, and that made me want another gf. the
fuck is up wiht that? i've been thinkin about it, i need
one that won't mind me holdin her all the time, but one
that's cool and not a pyscho like andrea. good luck to me
on that one! anyay, have a great day all!