nothin left to say
2001-12-16 20:49:46 (UTC)

christmas time........again.....

I can’t believe its xmas time again. Already. Another year
gone by. Another year wasted. All the goals I set for
myself just dissolved into the background yet again. At
this time last year, I made a promise to myself just to
make it thru the end of the year. Next year will be better
I said. Ive changed my surrondings, but am I any better
off? Ive met some new ppl, a few good ppl (they can be
counted on one hand), but over all, not much has changed.
In school, I can hide behind my façade & talk w/whoever. i
get a feeling of like…togetherness sorta when im talkin
w/them. But when im out of school, when im here, things
are still the same. So heres a toast 2 the new year, maybe
this year will be better then the last.

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