Penny for my Thoughts
2001-04-06 00:35:33 (UTC)

So where does the day end when..

So where does the day end when these sort of free thoughts
run elsewhere? Constantly changing the private coinsidences
that seem to drain me to the bone.
Hot splashes of wintry mind waves that crash on my lovely
shore of anxiety. Can this be removed? Show me the careless
samples that are suppose to help with the sun setting in
the west.
I don't think that the sun himself knows that though. Can
you tell him for me?

So in all and all, those words you just spoke are the
tinyest one could get. Show me the door, and I'll gladly
take a walk. Lets play these flavorful dreams in slow
motion once again because I don't think I caught it just
then. Up and down, round about...still hungry for life?