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2001-12-16 19:42:50 (UTC)

A Lesson Learned....

Ugh......I have definitly learned I have LIMITS. Man O Man.
I thought I was going to die yesterday. It was horrible!!!!
I should have known better than to drink so much Friday
night...But hell once I get going I can't stop. Stupid
Stupid Stupid. I woke up Saturday at like 3 in the
afternoon...and then walked home and was sitting and the
computer and couldn't even function. I decided I needed to
lay down. So i did. ALL DAY. I got up once to go to the
drinking fountain because I was so thirsty and passed out. I
got really naucious and booked it back to my room. I layed
on the bed and was breathing hard and sweating. I was so
dizzy. It scared me. It was definitly one of those days I
really wanted someone to take care of me, because I was in
bad bad shape. I slept all day and then slept through the
night. I have never been that bad before, it freaked me
out... No more drinking for me for a while. I am gonna say
no drinks until I get back from break. And then I am probley
going to take it SLOW. I was so scared...I was all alone and
I thought I was going to die. I just layed in bed thinking
"damn...if I died right now no one would find me until
Tuesday...." Thats how bad it was. Ugh. I do not want
anymore days like that. Definitly not....I always sit here
and think when the hell did I get so damn drunk?? And then
smack myself because I think about it and I drank way too
much.. I had some random shit with alcohol in it at a house
party...and I took a shot of wiskey...then i went to another
place and had 2 shots of Bacardi O and 2 mixed drinks with
about 2 shots in each. and I had a beer there. And then I
went somewhere else and had another beer. STUPID!!! I am
cutting myself off....

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