Jennifer's Words
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2001-12-16 19:38:03 (UTC)

Joyfully Mellow

I feel really good today. I have no clue why. I haven't
slept well in days, and have a shit ton of bullshit to do,
but I feel super!! I guess it's PMA!!! Gots to have the
positive mental attitude. I've been productive today,
which is kind of odd.. hopefully it will stick through with
me until Tuesday!!
It's friggin cold outside today...
I'm not ready for winter... so depressing.. hopefully I
will be able to find things to divert my attention
throughout the season. Troy is so gray and cold during the
winter.. blah.. depression sets over the ghetto..
I've been feeling like dancing a lot lately.. I don't know
what it is.. I keep getting the urge to jump around.. I'll
be sitting doing my work with headphones on, and notice I
have a serious head nod going. I never have the balls to
dance though in public.. I get too damn self conscious. I
envy the kids at shows that can just spin out and go crazy,
they look so free, wrapped up in some ancient tribal
dance. Sometimes at a show I'll be dancing, then notice
that I'm dancing, and then it just ends... loose all the
rhythm.. I dont' even know how to spell that stupid word!!
So I've been doing a lot of thinking of how people come in
and out of our lives. Some touching us in ways that they
will never know.. it makes me happy and sad at the same
time. And.. I don't know where I was going with that one..
somewhere, but I've lost it.. perhaps I'm a brrnt.. hmm..
ok.. my brain is telling me it's time to go..