2001-12-16 19:37:53 (UTC)

Christmas "suck-music"

Eyes are all on me for some reason.
I turn around...I feel them...hear them almost...cringe at
the sight of them...their words pierce mine and send them

My only outlet is Alkaline Trio... or some crazy
hardcore/emo band. Sighhhh....

Karly had a poetry reading at the coffee house last night.
I wasnt feeling it. I sensed some awkward feelings. Plus
her poetry wasnt smashing. It didnt make me think. It didnt
put inspiration in my boiling blood. But hey, at least she
had the balls to stand infront of all my/her friends and
spill her heart. In which I would never have the balls to
do. In fear of their thoughts.

Poetry to me is sooo sacred. So holy to whomever writes it,
or attempts to write it. I try and refuse to show mine.

Joe, this guy at church...looks exactly like brandon from
incubus! ahhhh it drives me insane. He is sooo insanely

ahhh ppl are IMing me...hide me...

Peace out