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2001-12-16 18:18:02 (UTC)


i hate this soo much! i am always the guys friend. i am
friends w/ like all of the guys and none of them ever see me
as anythign else. it makes me feel so bad. i feel fat and
ugly when im just the friend and i mean sometimes i like it
but right now i really want a boyfriend. a real person to
hug and cuddle w/ and to just love. i wish that i could
flirt better and not be the "friend" all the time! i went to
this party yesterday and the guys hang out w/ me and stuff
and they're all like oh youre like my best friend and all
this and its cool cuz i think guys are awesome to be friends
w/ but all i ask is for one guy to be romanticly with. well
i dont know! please send em some feedback... shay