Baby Story
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2001-12-16 18:16:27 (UTC)

And the story continues... 11 wks 4 days

For a few weeks after finding out that I was pregnant, I
was in shock. But now I am excited and happy as ever. On
Wednesday I will be entering the 2nd trimester!!!

I had an ultrasound done last Thursday. The baby was lying
on its side and moving its arm back and forth as if it were
waving. I know this is not the case, but it was a
beautiful sight.

My waist line is increasing in size on a daily basis it
seems. I am already in maternity clothes, and my bra size
has grown one cup.

I have not experience much morning sickness or "symptoms"
of pregnancy, LUCKY ME! There have been a few occasions
where I have definitly prayed to the porclin god, but that
is to be expected.

I feel great today. I don't sleep well, but that should
improve as time progresses!