Forgotten Misery
2001-12-16 18:06:32 (UTC)

happy happy joy joy

My dad let me sleep today yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Geoff:: um babe u stayed on the same road and im taking
the one less traveled cause im starting off a new life in a
new place who knows maybe our roads will meet again
someday. I hope all is well with u and that u find true
happiness with someone someday.

Ok I hate it when it rains in the winter i wish it would
just snow already I love snow and warm fires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I leave in less than week wow im so excited yet so afriad
but i know people will love me! See im ready to start off
new now my heart has no ties left on it meaning no boy no
crush just memeories that will make a stronger person out
of me! hehee i get to choose i bet this time for a
boyfriend cause all guys love the new girl at school heheee
i cant wait even though nah screw that thought as soon as
someone ask me to date them hell yeah im gonna date but
nothing serious and then i cant wait to get to college i
this funny feeling about fate with me and someone well 2
people i wonder who i will end up with and according to
mash it will be ryan lol it was so nice to talk to him the
other night u know i have always had a place for him in my
heart and he will always carry a piece of my heart along
with him my first love what can I say. and my other love
who i loved more than anyone else i had ever loved
including ryan will carry a piece of my heart to bad he
never loved me i feel so used!!! anyways im out