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Emo Violence
2001-12-16 17:01:07 (UTC)

oh shows

so yesterday the boys and i went to west chester to price
some more tattoos, enough of a good time, a little cold and
windy for walking around but ok none the less. i talked to
the emo boy who works at creep reocrds breifly but thats
all. then we headed out, stopped by some oh joes friends
and talked to them outside. left joe there to smoke up,
matt and i headed home but to wendys first to get soem
food. we talked, i have been feeling sick lately so i
wasnt very talkative. but oh well. then went to dads, and
headed to brny marr (2nd trip to west chester) and stayed
till about 7:30 when ben and i left for kennett. (theres
this boy in re hab, he looks emo but maybe just sad and
lonely, i want to talk to him, i will feel sad if i miss my
chance. ) at kennett, i get dropped off at the show, well
it wasnt that great, i saw Jb, doug, zac, clint, sacchi,
cathy, and some more kids, but no kennett girls. so i went
to the bath room discussed rainer maria shortly with soem
girls, and then saw alyssa, phew, i thought my night was
gonna suck (riight) so we talked and decided to head to
west chester to see a year to forget, the new dance show
and digger. (3rd time to west chester in one day) we drive
and talk and i feel better, though i still am sick and
sorta sad. so we get to west chester, the show has a sold
out sign on it, so we ask to go in and look for our
freinsd, soem guy escorts us in and we see no one we know,
exept the boy from creep who was playing in his band right
then. so we walked out and walked a 2X2 block square in
west chester a few times and decided to head back to
kennett to see the june spirit. we drive back, and re enter
the show, june spirit is JUST about to play, hellaware and
the rest are out tonight, so i definately feel a little
intimidated to start with. the paris boys, eric, radka,
everyone is around. as SOOn as the june spirit starts, the
start hardcore dancing and i get thrown back and i stuble
over a few kids, thats it i say and mid-first-song i go out
in the hall way to chill. zac comes with me and clints
already there. alyssa comes not one song later. so thats
about 9:30 and we hang there till the june spirit is done
and talk and joke around, the boys aer being boys, zac
lifts his shirt up once and Phew, i never realized just how
WHITE that boy realyl is. like milk. haha, he has the body
of a 12 year old boy, but hes a little taller i guess.
silly. they start hasseling and trippin and jokin with
kids, THATS why no one likes them, i dont think its their
msuic, its just how they treat people, we talked about
caity, the ho, too. this little boy, mustve been 13 or 14
sportin an autographed three star china shirt comes out and
talks to teh junior boys, hes adorable but they hassel him
a little, and make fun of him, we introduced ourselves ect
and had a good laugh, this dumb girl with crimped hair is
being gay and stupid, i wanted to kick her but i think she
is kiels sis so i didnt. then i go outside and wait for my
ride with sara and mike and adam and the other kids, they
are nice and funny. sara likes one of the guys from the
june spirit and sticks the cd down her pants and asks him
to sign it, it was acutally very funny, though pretty
dumb. they flirted a little and hugged and stuff. it was
cute, i left and went home, still feelign sick, and going
to bed immediatly. i think ben got me sick.

all in all, i never saw nick at digger, i never said good
bye to doug, and i felt oddly uncomfortable with clint and
zac, not to mention that zac and i discussed nothing of the
rainer maria show. what a non productive, 6 dollar costing
evening! blah.

movies with heros next week amoung others at the garage, it
will be a good time. im tired now. and doug got fired from
kennett so who will i stalk now, just kidding.

its 12, and im leaving at 1 to go to the nut cracker with
my mom, i have no clothes here, so i better find somthign
to wear and eat and maybe soem meds for my messed up

i have a box for sam with zines, he better come to a shwo
before x mas or ill be sad. all.

good bye for now, a new week is comming, who knows when ill
get back to my comfortable writing disaster next.


ps. john panasuk is cute and emo, he should marry me. but
he dates a silly girl that isnt right for him. dumb boy.