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2001-12-16 16:25:18 (UTC)

New problems

Ok, well last night was pretty cool actually. I WANTED to
go see Kate&Leopold at the movies.....but Marisa was
sleeping over at the last minute and said she didn't want
to, and we were gonna hang out with the twins(Corey n Rob)
and Rob was broke. So we decided to walk to their house in
the dark through the woods, pretty freaky but we had a
flashlight. When we got there we kept trying to get into
their room cuz they didnt want us in there....their parents
were in NY. So they locked the door to their we
kept escaping through the front/back doors and going to
their window(there room is on the ground level) and
climbing in and locking them out. We put on all their
hockey jerseys and went through all their stuff, hehe we
love them tho. Lotsa stuff happened and Andrew came over
and we played video games and Rob likes Erin and she was on
the phone. Anyways, I'll continue more later cuz Ive gotta
go get ready cuz mom n dad will be home soon to buy a xmas
tree and ive gotta go take a shower, and then i think i am
hnging out w/ jared after that and i dont kno wat to do if
he asks me out cuz now i DO think i really like him, but i
wasnt sure the other day and its CONFUSING

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