Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-12-16 16:21:57 (UTC)

Another fun day at the Science Center

All i have to say is thank god that i am almost done
with my volunteer time at the great lakes science center. I
dont know how much longer id be able to take it there. I
mean i love it, but i hate it. ESPECIALLY psycho joel. what
a FREAK. anyhow, yesterday was Breakfast with the Robot
Zoo. There were so many little kids there and it was just
sooooo busy. Jessica and I worked together all day. We did
the star cart first. I cant even beging to tell you how
many times i popped up that stupid rocket, but atleast i
didnt burn myself on the dry ice this week. Then we had
costume characters; i dressed up as Louie the lamprey this
week. God bless Louie! haha! I have so much fun dressin up,
thats why i should work at disney world. When lisa and i
went last april, erics friend said i was big enought to be
Pooh. I guess its a limit with height, you have to be 5'5
to be a princess. Now i know that i'll never be a
princess...damnit! Anyhoo, but that was pretty much the
day...it was kind of boring after the breakfast stuff was
done and over with. Then i went to the akron/csu
basketball game, i love watching basketball games.
HOWEVER...the guys are pretty good looking too...so mmm.

The day was shot afterwards, i just came home, ate dinner
and watched a knights tale. It seems like the days i dont
feel like doing anything everyone calls to do something.
Lisa called and wanted to go to the mall, chris called and
wanted to go to the mall, and carolyn called and wanted to
go out somewhere. they ALL woke me up from a wonderful
place i like to call sleepy land. Oh well. but chris and i
are going shopping after school one day this week. He just
came home from school last week. SO im pretty excited.
Although, i did miss his calls since thursday...he called
like 6 times. im like oops! Anyhoo, this entry was boring i
know, but i didnt have anything exciting to write about.
So...im off to go put groceries away and clean out the
garage. Talk to you kids later...Happy Holidays.

Love, lizzie