Anne Fox
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2001-12-16 16:10:49 (UTC)

December 16th

So, I have a B in APES and in AP English! My parents will
have a fit!
I absolutely failed my english exam on thursday, but i
think I did extremely well in environmental and in biology.
on thursday i got deferred from duke, which was really
really painful at the time.
now, i dont want to go to duke even if i do get in-
especially if i can go full ride to rhodes or tulane!
i got into fsu and tulane this week, but my mom says i cant
go to either! i would be so fucking stoked to go to new
orleans though! bartend my way through med school!
so, i quit smoking then smoked half a pack yesterday, i
BLOW! i have no will power or self control...
rhodes is a smoker- friendly school, but that cannot be
the reason why i go there!
so this week i have calc and APUS and i am done for
i turn 18 on saturday, but i couldnt really care less.
i just wish it was next fall and i was moving in with my
roommate and i didnt have to think about getting into
college anymore!
i wish that duke had rejected me, honestly.
me and jordan listen to total eclipse of the heart way too
much, so much in fact that we have all the words memorized!
lauren came home yesterday so i think that i am going out
to lunch with her or something today!


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