up close and personal
2001-12-16 16:01:09 (UTC)

December ??, 2001 Todays sunday..

December ??, 2001

Todays sunday morning I have practice here pretty soon but
i thought id write a little bit. this weekend was really
uneventful i felt too ugly to go anywhere so i was stayed
home all weekend plus my friends ditched me but who cares.
I did loose 2 lbs tho!! but enough feeling sorry for my
slef it will never get me ne where and i know there are
tons of people out there who have it much worse than me. Im
really looking forward to christmas break no school cant
wait to get away from all the snotty stuck up bitches...
then only 3 years till im out of this town. Im going as far
away as possable im sick of everyone and there shit...
people just care way to much!