I am a goddess
2001-12-16 15:55:05 (UTC)

All i want from life is perfection

Unfortunately the thing i want to perfect more than
anything is myself, my body. Drastic times call for drastic
measures and i have already lost 6 pounds by doing so. How
have i done this... 500 calories a day. On my other diary
at http://www.opendiary.com i was told that 500 is a lot so
im now going down to 300. Thiw will work faster and if i go
over my limit i throw it up. It seems to work well. I've
been told that the best things to eat are grapes, crackers
and low cal ice lollies. So this is what i will do. I know
it seems drastic. many people have scorned me for it but
its my choice. I know what i'm doing. Its my problem and i
choose to do this. It may be silly but its all i've got. I
love the feeling of having nothing in you. i love standing
on the scale and realising i've lost a few more pounds. I
WILL stop when i've reached my goal. Its just a boost to
get there. I love to challenge myself and this is the
biggest challenge i have faced so far. I will conquer. I'm
not saying that others should follow my example but its
what i feel i have to do to lose my weight because i've got
a lot of weight to lose. So far its been ok, nothing really
bad. The hardest is ar weekends where im with my parents.
They make me eat. i throw it back up when they go out. Its
simple. Its foolproof.