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2001-12-16 15:32:02 (UTC)

hide and seek (at harris teeter)

last nite was fun. again. haha...i just love having fun.
but i think everyone else does too. just not as much as
me :) haha

welp- char and i went to the mall durin the day yesterday
and it was SO fun hahaha we got lots of things and yea i
love my new pants :) hahah shes so crazy but i love her to
death haha

and later mike ben and i went to starbucks and around and i
was gonna wait for char and cait to call (around 1030ish)
and it was 8 so i had alot of time to waste and we just
went around to random places and oh man we went to harris
teeter bcuase we were in ghent and i had the worst headache
and we were gonna buy asprin or whatever but we ended up
havin the best time running around and playing hide and
seek and it was so so funny and then mike threw a roll of
toilet paper and well we left right after that...and then
went home and char finally called but it was like 1130 and
she had to go home but it was ok haha it was a fun nite and

i called adam around 1230 and he was at home and i think
hes been thinkin about our relationship alot and i mean its
obvious that ive been bothered by it because i dont know
what i want or what to do and i know i confuse him because
im forever confused and its just.....blahhh.

but we ended up talkin til 2 and then i went to sleep. and
i just woke up. ::yawn::

this weekend has been so fun. and i wanna go to lynnhaven
mall. hmm. ?

so ill talk to ya later.