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2001-12-16 14:59:06 (UTC)


Mood: Bored
TV: Some news program
Time: 11:59 PM (12-16-01) Tokyo Standard Time

Well there haven't been any customers for a few hours, so
I'm pretty bored. I thought I'd update since I haven't in a

My friend didn't hurt herself, which is cool because I'd
miss her a lot. I think everything is going to be OK.

I was talking to Mona and my girl Amber early this morning
(around 5 AM I think) when I heard a knocking sound on the
door. We have floor to ceiling glass doors and windows on
the side of the cafe that faces the street, so anybody
walking by can look in. The knocking was from the guy who
works at the corner store down the street. I go there just
about every night to get something to snack on, so they
know me there. He just wanted to hang out, so we talked for
a while. His English was pretty good (which works because
my Japanese is horrible), and he likes surfing. We're going
to try to hang out more, which is good because I don't have
any friends out here besides Reed and Reed is going back
stateside in a few weeks :(

I felt bad though because I had to neglect Mona and Amber
because I didn't want to be rude to the guy (even though I
thought it was strange for him to come knocking on the cafe
at like 5 in the morning). They were pretty understanding
though. I put on Pearl Harbor (there were Japanese
subtitles, since I rented it here, so my friend could
understand it too). It was a pretty good movie. I felt kind
of weird because I'm an American and my friend is Japanese
and we're sitting there watching Pearl Harbor of all
movies, but it was all good. BTW, I think his name is Hisa,
but I'm not sure. I'm really bad at remembering Japanese

Well, that's about all I fell like writing right now. I'm
talking to Ressa and my friend Monica (Not Mona, this Monica
lives in Michigan). They're both really cool. Oh, and to my
special friend, I'm really torn between how I feel about you
and Amber. In a lot of ways, I feel the same way you do, I
just wish things were simpler. We'll have to play the hand
that was dealt to us ... but I'll be here whenever you need
me ::hugs::